A Door County Weekend

Rachel and I went to Door County this weekend! It was a beautiful fall trip.

Friday’s simple joy was the very friendly man who owned the motel. He was so helpful and let us use his wine bottle opener.

Saturday was wonderful, but the simple joy I’ll pick to share was on the car ride up to Egg Harbor. We were answering questions from a book that Rachel has, and one question was “if you had to live somewhere for five years and money was no object would you live in New York City or a remote town in Northern California?” We both had definite answers to this question and part of the reason for choosing our answers was that the other place would make us feel trapped. But we picked different answers! Can you guess where I picked? 😉 We had a good laugh about that.


This morning I had a beautiful drive with lots of fall colors all the way back home. 🙂





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