Friends with Good News!

Rachel got a new job that should be a great opportunity for her! Congrats 🙂

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Sweet Caroline

I went to a dueling piano bar for Amanda’s bachelorette party. She was asked to go to the front and sang Sweet Caroline. It was wonderfully hilarious.

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Morning Coffee

Doesn’t that say it all? 🙂

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Really nice guards

Apparently we made a mistake Saturday when we bought our tickets to the Roman Forum. We thought you could go to the Roman Forum one day and the Palatine Hill and Coliseum the next day with the tickets. But apparently the Roman Forum and Palatine hill were supposed to be seen together. The guard let us get into the Palatine hill anyway! Thank goodness 🙂 He was funny. As he let us in another gate he said, “we never met!”

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We were wandering down some small back street in Rome, just a bit lost, on our way to the Spanish Steps, when a couple came up to us and asked us something in Italian. It sounded like they were asking us for directions. Someone thought we looked like locals!!!

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Longest Escalator Ever!

So today was a day of firsts, but the funniest and simplest of them was when we all got really excited about a really long, really fast escalator. She tried to get a picture, but was struggling a lot…

Of course there are many joys, like making it safely to Hungary without missing any flights, already eating lots of amazing food, and now a cute room to sleep in before leaving for Rome tomorrow.






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The world from above

This is Annie and my first long flight experience. It is so cool to see the clouds from above!

Right now we are flying over England and some of it is covered in clouds. Since it is dark outside you can see the lights of the cities through the clouds!

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